Sink Repairs

Sink Repair

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From washing dishes in the kitchen sink to brushing our teeth in the bathroom, the sink is definitely one of the hardest working fixtures and is essential for the functionality of any home.
When a sink is out of order, it can really be a hassle, and until it’s fixed, how we live our day to day lives can really be disrupted.
Sinks themselves could crack, or the drainage connected to them could come apart, and sometimes the plug for the drain could just stop working altogether. These issues could cause leakages, inoperability, or damage to your home. Sometimes old sinks just need to be updated to meet modern aesthetics, especially if the sink is rusting out or is an ancient concrete laundry tub.
Whatever repair is required or aesthetic outcome desired, you can be certain we’ve got you covered. And with same day emergency service available, your day to day routine needn’t be disturbed for long.
Plus, DrainWorks plumbers are licensed and insured and have the convenience of what we call a “mobile warehouse”, which is another name for the trucks they drive. We call it this because our trucks are fully-equipped, carrying a vast supply of all sorts of fixtures, pipes and tools that we need to deal with your plumbing or drain pipe repairs.
Unless it is quite an unusual case, we have a solution for it in our truck which means we never have to ‘run out’ to the local hardware store to go pick up a piece – which delays your service, costs you money, and can be inconvenient to your daily plans.
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